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Winter Storage

made easy

Fairview Marina's Winter Storage is an all-in-one package. It is simple and convenient. 

  • We haul your boat out of the water with clean padded straps

  • We carefully remove any barnacles and heavy slime from the bottom and scrape all running gear

  • We use a hot water pressure washer to clean your bottom. Using a hot water pressure washer allows us to get to the bottom of your boat without holding the wand so close to the surface that it blows off your paint

  • We then remove any stains from the waterline and wash the hull

  • Your boat is then blocked using textbook blocking procedures. This means your 35' boat is supported with ample blocks and stands; not 2 keel points and 4 stands like in many other yards

  •  Before we are off of your boat, we will take a bucket of water check to make sure the deck drains (every boat, no exceptions)

  • Once blocked, each boat stand is checked during regular inspections. Additional boat stand checks are performed when it rains, snows, or the wind blows

  • We relaunch your boat in the spring

For those who do not want to haul their boats out of the water for winter, we offer covered boat storage in our covered pier and Quonset hut. 

We keep the ice clear all winter long and inspect the boats regularly.

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