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There is more to a paint job than shine and luster. 


Many contractors deliver beautiful paintwork, but how does the work look after 5, 10, or 20 years? 


You should not have to respray your boat at the beginning and end of every decade.


At Fairview Marina, we believe that great paintwork comes down to preparation. 


We skip none of the steps that many outfits skip to get the job out the door.


What is the result?


Paintwork that stands the test of time.

Bottom Painting

The bottom painting service at Fairview Marina is a time and tested process. It involves the following steps:​

  • We run tarps under the entire area under the boat

  • We prep every square inch of the bottom with a vacuum-assisted sander

  • We gently feather the pealing areas of the bottom

  • We scrape and wire-wheel the running gear


Once the prep is complete, we wash the entire boat. Upper deck to the bottom. Then we wash ALL the surrounding boats. Most yards skip this step.

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Post prep washing is very important.


  • Washing the bottom removes dust which promotes adhesion

  • Washing the entire boat and the surrounding boats prevents copper stains from the sanding dust. Copper stains are unsightly and difficult to remove 

After this, we allow the bottom to dry. Once dry, we neatly apply premium antifoulant paint.

At Fairview Marina, we also offer: 

  • Sprayed race bottoms

  • Outdrive painting

  • Bottom paint stripping

  • Epoxy barrier coats

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