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Hull & Upper Deck


  • Every square inch is gently washed

  • Every square inch is gently polished

  • Every square inch is waxed with either carnauba or synthetic wax

  • Every square inch is gently washed and dried

With some exceptions:

Additional steps may be needed to remove stains and/or fender scuffs prior to polish. Sometimes Gelcoat needs additional polishing and coats of wax. 

We assess every job case by case. We check, evaluate, test, and give the boat what it needs.

Interior Detailing & Carpet Cleaning

Yacht and boat detailing involves unique skills and care. At Fairview Marina, every staff member knows how to work on the finest of the boats.

This means no drips, no scuffs, no bangs, and no bumps. Our expertise in marine finishes means know what to and how to clean the diverse surfaces found throughout a boat's interior.

You can hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets, but can they work around your gloss varnished walls without scratching them or getting harsh chemicals on them that can lift or stain the finish?

We can.

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